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Networking Times – One more dream came true

Attract a Great Teacher, Then Become One Yourself 

In the early years of my network marketing career I gave incredible presentations that lasted at least two hours. I had an amazing closing rate of close to 50 percent. The only challenge was that my business was not duplicating because everyone wanted Magic Mikko to do the presentations. I couldn’t understand how others were killing it and going up in the recognition ranks while I was stuck at middle management levels, even though I was the best closer on my team.

Thanks to my upline and mentors I started to understand that in this business we need to be good at teaching and we don’t have to be the best sales guy out there to make it to the top. Actually, quite the contrary. Duplicating simple basic steps over and over again is the name of the game.

One of the biggest preconceptions in our business is that prospects think that sales people are the most successful. That’s just not true. Normally sales people are good in getting many customers and new distributors into the business, but they often lack skills in duplication. School teachers on the other hand learn how to sign up a few customers, but are very effective in teaching others how to do the same. This is of course the aim of the business.

Our business is very simple: all we need to do is learn how to make a few customers among people we care about and then teach a couple of distributors to do the same. And duplicate this over and over again until we have turned our dreams into reality. This would work even if we were dealing with robots. The challenge is that many times people make it complicated in their mind. This is also what makes our business fun and worth striving for.

The best way to become an effective, respected teacher is by practicing. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. What also helps immensely is to find a mentor who has already reached the level you want and has the results, versus someone who is just reading from the books but not necessarily practicing what he or she preaches. The good news is that if you work with an ethical company you will always find a mentor; sometimes you just have to look high enough.

Whether I’m giving a one-on-one coaching session to one of my team partners or giving a presentation to 2,000 people, the one who always learns to most from it is myself. The more you teach, the more you learn and develop. The more you coach and present, the more disciplined you become in practicing what you preach because the message embeds deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind.

As the teaching goes, we need to put 10,000 hours into anything we want to become professional at. This means that for us to build a huge business, not only do we need to put in our 10,000 hours of becoming a great teacher and mentor, but also we need to duplicate the same with our team.

If you want more milk, you need more cows. In other words we need to let the birds fly free from their nest. The best way for your team to learn and develop is by becoming more independent.

I have been a serial entrepreneur for over ten years and have been a shareholder in approximately 20 companies. I have witnessed ups and downs in companies in a variety of business sectors over the last few years. This period in my life has taught me a lot more than all the schools I ever went to.

What I love most about direct sales is that we get to practice all the best sides of owning a business without having to concentrate on the more unpleasant stuff, such as logistics and invoicing of goods, to name a few.

Most importantly in traditional business we are often left alone with our thoughts and problems. That can be very expensive. I would have saved millions during my career if I’d had a mentor helping me who had already made it to the top of the game in the same industry.

In direct sales, it’s important that our mentor not only talks the talk, but the best ones are also willing to walk the walk together with you all the way to the top or as high as you are willing to go. Conversely, when looking for new people to mentor, I’m scouting for five characteristics or habits in people:

  • You are hungry and ambitious.
  • You are proactive, take responsibility, and focus on your circle of influence.
  • You commit to working the plan continuously for a minimum of two years.
  • You attend all events I attend and do at least one hour of personal development every day.
  • You call me more often than I call you.

If you want to attract a great teacher or mentor, be proactive: raise your hand high in the sky and use your voice to make sure you are noticed.

Originally from Finland, MIKKO JARRAH is currently based in Estonia.

He has been a serial entrepreneur for over ten years and is now a top leader in his network marketing company. In just three years he has build an international network of over 10,000 active customers mostly in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and the U.S.

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I am Ambassador in Zinzino

My biggest goal in my career as direct sales professional has finally been accomplished! I am so excited and grateful that it´s hard to explain.

Thanks so much to my upline and especially Manu Rekola, Olli Salminen, Jari Pohjonen, Toni Tillonen and Hilde & Ørjan Saele for helping me turn my dream into reality and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself Thanks also so much to my powerful dream teams! You guys are truly awesome! Love you guys! Together to the top! Service to many leads to greatness! I will continue serving and helping you guys and so many others for the rest of my life. 

“WOW! We are so proud to congratulate our new Zinzino Ambassador Mikko Jarrah! He has been working with Zinzino since 2011 and with focus, persistence and high level Action he is a true example of a fabulous leader in our profession! Big congratulations to you Mikko and your team!” – Hilde Rismyhr Saele

“Congratulations Mikko Jarrah and how appropriate that you are featured in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of!! We are honored to show you as an example for our readers around the world!!” – Josephine Gross


Plan B has been launched in Russian!


Многие жизненные проблемы могут быть решены с помощью большего дохода и, если честно, деньги связаны в той или иной мере с исполнением большинства желаний.

Чтобы начать вносить изменения в ваши финансовые обстоятельства, требуется только принятие вами решения и изучение нового типа мышления относительно денег. Но даже больший доход не является гарантией сбалансированной финансовой ситуации, если вы не знаете, как правильно использовать деньги.

Этот буклет рассказывает вам подлинную историю о том, как убеждения на предмет денег могут изменить вашу жизнь и жизни ваших любимых. Индустрия прямых продаж сделала это возможным. Её популярность быстро растет, и в данный момент это один из самых сильных трендов в мире.

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