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My mission

I started as a Zinzino partner in the summer of 2011 with the mission to help as many people as possible to take control of their finances. First of course I had to help myself. This was not easy since I was going through two bankruptcies at the same time and my expenses from them were around 10,000€/month. So I needed a lot more than an average income to just break even. How can a company give you the opportunity to create such good rewards?

In direct sales companies you get to practice all the advantages of entrepreneurship without any financial risk. And there is no roof on your income. You are paid purely on you and your teams’ performance.

I also believe that direct sales companies are the best in teaching personal development skills by providing incredible trainings and tools for entrepreneurship, sales, investing and leadership to name only a few. By implementing this knowledge into practice I got myself up after financial crisis and bankruptcy. With Zinzino I can represent two world leading brands in rapidly growing trends: coffee and balance.

In 2012 together with Zinzino we started a new mission to create health and wellness. Zinzino and Bio ActiveFoods started a cooperation and ZZ bought a part of the company. In 2013 my team and I again got a new mission when Zinzino launched the US market. The results has shown that Americans have over twenty times more plant based oils (Omega 6) in their body compared to fish oils (Omega 3). And unfortunately in Europe we are not off the hook because we have on average over 15 times more of omega 6 in our cells. (A ratio below 5:1 Omega 6 : Omega 3 fatty acids should be the target ratio for Nordic nutrition) -Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Nutritional Recommendations, 2005

For years healthcare has focused on medication, but most of the problems can be avoided with education and better diet. Now in 6 months my team has partners and hundreds of customers in several States in the USA. At the moment the most active ones are California and Florida. I also have teams and customers in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia. I am so proud of my passionate, ambitious and very hard working team.

As a team we are strong and I believe we should continue to help as many people possible achieve balance and start a business venture that has the possibility to give you a lifestyle most people just dream about.

I believe that now it´s the perfect timing for joining and working in this fantastic profession. Zinzino is growing rapidly and opening new markets is faster and more simple with our amazing products – it gives you the opportunity to eventually build a global business. And the best part is that we can prove the effectiveness of the products through a simple blood test.

In the next few weeks we will start our pre-launch in Poland and Holland. I’m so excited about that because my team and I will for sure also be expanding there.

If you´re not already a customer or partner, take a look at this video to find out how easy it is to find out if you are in balance and how to get there if you are not: Zinzino Balance Movie

I am so grateful for this opportunity because in just three short years my business has grown to over 10000 active and happy customers using our products daily. And the exciting part is that we are just in the very beginning of our mission and journey. This business is incredible and I can now live a dream lifestyle with my family and work Zinzino for a lifetime as my hobby, passion and love for the “sport”.

Thank You for reading.

Love and respect.

Mikko Jarrah

Are you the designer of your own life? – Zinzino

Mikko Jarrah has been a serial entrepreneur for over ten years and now he is one of the top leaders in Zinzino. In this blog article, Mikko explains the importance of taking responsibility for your own life and how direct sales help change people’s lives- not only financially.

“This is life changing business development. It’s not only about the money. It’s about who you become – who you are as a person. You are the designer – the Michelangelo of your own life.” – Mikko Jarrah

Am I happy?

Am I doing things that I love?

Do I have support from my family and friends?

Can I spend my days as I want?

Can I travel where I want? 

These questions I asked myself several times some years ago and I received some vague answers.

Later I realized that I have done a lot of work to get to this point where I have this incredible lifestyle and now I can say that I am happy. At the end of the day all we want is to be truly happy, healthy and loved.

As a direct sales professional I meet several people daily and I like asking questions.

During the first 5-10 minutes with a new person I often realize that most people don’t have any big plans in their life, or the plan is designed by someone else:

Society, parents, spouse, boss or their high school teachers and friends.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of lifestyle, but many people often get depressed at some point and might get pretty lost in their lives when they find out that they are living someone else’s dream.

Don´t you want to take responsibility of your life and get even more out of it?

Who is really leading you and your thoughts?

Your boss, your spouse, friends, parents, the bank, media, society or you?

If you live your life for yourself, you need to think about what makes you happy.

This is life changing business development. It’s not only about the money. It’s about the person you become along the way. 

The real deal is when a shy person who used to pretend to be sick at home when he had to give a presentation in front of his own school mates, one year later after working in direct sales gives a key note speech in front of 1000 people – mostly strangers – and doesn’t feel any abnormal sense of nervousness – that person was me.

There are countless inspiring stories of personal development in this profession. Negative people turning positive, sad people turning happy. In general you are stretched to expand your comfort zone and develop into becoming a better person. Satisfaction kills development and in this business – we are satisfied, but not content – because there are always more to accomplish and more people to help reach their goals.

And that is the reason why I love what we do.This business is helping you achieveyour maximum potential.You are the designer – the Michelangelo of your own life.

The blog post also available here: Zinzino

Learn to achieve your goals faster

“No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy

Greetings from San Francisco! Getting ready to launch US version of Plan B today!

Stay tuned for more information & pictures soon! #planb


All the best,

Mikko Jarrah





Plan B has been launched in Russian!


Многие жизненные проблемы могут быть решены с помощью большего дохода и, если честно, деньги связаны в той или иной мере с исполнением большинства желаний.

Чтобы начать вносить изменения в ваши финансовые обстоятельства, требуется только принятие вами решения и изучение нового типа мышления относительно денег. Но даже больший доход не является гарантией сбалансированной финансовой ситуации, если вы не знаете, как правильно использовать деньги.

Этот буклет рассказывает вам подлинную историю о том, как убеждения на предмет денег могут изменить вашу жизнь и жизни ваших любимых. Индустрия прямых продаж сделала это возможным. Её популярность быстро растет, и в данный момент это один из самых сильных трендов в мире.

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