I remember countless times crying in the shower and thinking why aren’t things working as should..

“I’ve put in years of hard work and effort but why isn’t my team and business growing?” I often thought with frustration.

This was back in the days when our direct sales industry was unfortunately more about recruiting than building a real customer base. It was a lot of smoke and mirrors without proper rules and culture.

During my career I have quit and restarted more times than I can remember before finding the company that I work with today.

It took me eight years and four companies to finally arrive home.. ♥️

Over the years I’m happy to see that our industry is leaning more towards being customer driven. That means more quality products with more value created..

It has also been amazing to witness a huge development in the quality of people who are joining our platform economy these days. Today, our events are filled with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, top athletes, health professionals, online marketing professionals just to name a few.

Of course mainly average people like myself who are hungry and willing to learn what it takes to become successful.
In my opinion our industry is not perfect but it’s a better way for the average person to make sure their ladder is leaning up against their own dreams and not someone else’s.

There are very few models our there that have zero risk combined with unlimited income potential.

In each of the companies I have worked with in the past there was always something missing in regards to either the vision, products, management or culture.

I’m forever grateful today to work with a company that has the right leadership, long term vision, heart and culture in place with a product that 95% of the global population needs. Provenly.

So thrilled to see us transforming from an offline direct sales company towards a global tech company that offers ordinary people a platform economy to build a part time business on and eventually become a business owner. 🔥

Of course we have had hick ups and struggles but we have also set many standards in our industry when it comes to our customer driven model, culture and sustainability.

Do you want to create more time, freedom and fun in your life? 😍

Do you want to make more difference in the world? 🌍

This could be for you. 🌟


Leader school 2017.jpg

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