Let me tell you about my business partner Ilkka Santahuhta.

He is a self employed coach and personal trainer that used to work 10-12 hour days. He only made money when he was at work.

He was fed up of his PT work because of the long days and was really struggling to figure out how he could scale his business and get out of the rat race and into the fast track. 

Ilkka joined our platform economy business after understanding how great our products are and how scalable our model is.

When he saw the passive income curves, he understood that one day he could also be a business owner after building a big customer base.

Today, a couple of years after joining our part-time business, Ilkka has more time than ever before. He can now focus more on his family, friends and most importantly he has more space to breathe and develop his number one asset: his mind. 😍

Now Ilkka is enjoying his coaching work more than ever because he doesn’t need to have so many clients as before. He can give more quality to them.

Ilkka is earning more than before with working less hours. 🔥

It’s not always about working hard, it’s about working smart with the right kind of platform that has funnels in place that create leverage. 🧐

We are just getting started with this positive top producer. Watch out for more success stories from him and his rapidly growing team of partners. 🙏🤩

It’s an honour to call you my friend and business partner. 👊

To your success! 🌟😍🔥

 — with Ilkka Santahuhta.