The power of mentoring and what it means to me.

Do you want to reach the next level in any area of your life?

The key for me has been to find the right mentors who have made it in that area, live with heart and are all in. It’s important that they also share the right kind of ethics and culture.

I remember when I first met Ørjan at a seminar seven years ago. I was at my most desperate point when it came to my finances and relationship. At the same time I was hungry to get out of the mess. I had experienced some success in the past with a business similar to the one Ørjan was building but the company lacked the right kind of leadership, culture and vision. I also lacked focus and that was what had got me into the mess in the first place.

I remember Ørjan telling me in a polite but very confident way that I had been playing football (figuratively speaking) in the little leagues and if I wanted, he would teach me how to be a top scorer in the majors. I accepted the offer.

It hasn’t been an easy ride. Victory would never feel good if it was. Imagine fishing without having to wait for the fish to bite and without the fish having the strength to fight. That would at first feel like heaven but soon you would realise being in hell.

Big thanks Ørjan and Hilde for hosting me yesterday at your beautiful new home. My check up from the neck up was truly worth the wait. It’s amazing to see the impact you have had on thousands of lives and in return the impact it has had on your lives.

You guys continue inspiring me to contribute and grow. That’s what brings content and happiness. I’m continuosly surprised about your willingness to serve and how big heart and passion you guys have 💙❤️. You are living proof that service to many leads to greatness.

“I assure you that helping a million people will last longer than a million dollars and bring you more joy.”

I’m so grateful that you showed me the way and kept believing in me when I didnt believe in myself. We have walked the walked together from dream to struggle to even some victories. I’m forever grateful to you for helping me transform to the person I am today. To return the favour I promise that I will grow my teams customer numbers to six figures and beyond. 🔥💙🙏

We have so many amazing launches and news coming up in the next months that brings butterflies to my stomach.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John F. Kennedy

Bring it on! 💙🙏🔥



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