My confidence wasn’t good growing up and it took me years to realize it..

Are you ready to go deep?

Let’s dive.

I want to start by saying that I’m forever grateful to my Dad for providing us a secure and “luxury” childhood in Dubai. I love you Dad. 

Having said that, he wasn’t around much growing up. In my first years I only saw him for glimpses every year. Even though family was important to him, he had me and my sister quite young. I really respect that he came from a poor family in Palestine and left his home and country at a very young age with little money in his pocket to pursue a brighter future. To some extent he really made it because we had all the material things one could wish for and I was lucky to go to private schools but we sadly lacked much of his presence growing up.

That took a toll on my confidence. I wanted attention and tried to figure out something that I was good at to make him proud. However, my biggest weakness has always been impatience. I’m still working on that every day. 🙂 If I wasn’t good at something very fast, I wanted to try something new. I also got bored fast. That’s probably why I never really excelled at any subject in school.

At some point in secondary school I started mucking about, getting in trouble by sometimes even being a bully. One day after bullying a kid and getting caught I almost got expelled from school. At least I had got my Dad’s attention for a moment. I still feel shame for that even twenty five years later.

I also lacked confidence around girls and as I was kind and shy around them but also a bit of a trouble maker (sorry Mum), I was fun to be around with but I guess most of them didn’t take me too seriously.

After school I played computer games and got very hooked on counter strike during my high school years. It was a way for me to escape reality and I also saw that I was finally pretty good at something. Unfortunately (and also maybe fortunately) at the time you couldn’t get payed for playing that. 😀

I was also partying quite hard on the weekends to escape reality even further.. In my first year of college, I attended school maybe a total of 20 times to only a handful of courses. Nothing excited me. If there would have been courses called “Success 1 and 2” – I would have signed up for both. 😀
I really had no clue what I wanted to be when “I grew up”..

I’m forever grateful to my good friend Juho for providing me with a sliding doors moment over fifteen years ago. He called me up and offered me to start working with him in a new business he was excited about. Nobody had ever offered me a business before and I even thought for a moment that why would someone want to work with a looser like me.

It was love at first sight and boy has this business turned my life around in all ways possible. Finally, I found something that was about building success through practice. I got introduced to a school of personal and life changing business development that was embedded in the opportunity. Through the business I found mentors and many new friends that helped me to be successful (through a lot of blood, sweat and tears) and walked with me side by side. I even found some new “father figures” who were there to help me grow and give me the attention I had always craved.

I had turned my negative addictions of partying and playing counter strike into one positive one. For the first time in my life I was good at something. I understood that now I had control of my future and that there was no limits. Fifteen years later, I’m still addicted to this game of helping people, contributing and always improving – Kaizen.

The best part in my business is that thanks to the time and money freedom I have managed to create, I can now be a more present father and example to my children that I missed growing up. 💙

Thank you for reading. Have a super successful week! 🙏🔥