I am Ambassador in Zinzino

My biggest goal in my career as direct sales professional has finally been accomplished! I am so excited and grateful that it´s hard to explain.

Thanks so much to my upline and especially Manu Rekola, Olli Salminen, Jari Pohjonen, Toni Tillonen and Hilde & Ørjan Saele for helping me turn my dream into reality and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself Thanks also so much to my powerful dream teams! You guys are truly awesome! Love you guys! Together to the top! Service to many leads to greatness! I will continue serving and helping you guys and so many others for the rest of my life. 

“WOW! We are so proud to congratulate our new Zinzino Ambassador Mikko Jarrah! He has been working with Zinzino since 2011 and with focus, persistence and high level Action he is a true example of a fabulous leader in our profession! Big congratulations to you Mikko and your team!” – Hilde Rismyhr Saele

“Congratulations Mikko Jarrah and how appropriate that you are featured in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of NetworkingTimes.com!! We are honored to show you as an example for our readers around the world!!” – Josephine Gross

One thought on “I am Ambassador in Zinzino”

  1. Big Gratulations!! So fun to reach a goal and a goal in that range must feel awesome, I guess a lot of people has gotten bigger checks last weeks!
    I’m impressed and it’s so fun to see people reach new levels doing the biz the right way.

    Maybe you are the first President after O/H?

    Max attack!!


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