I remember countless times crying in the shower and thinking why aren’t things working as should..

“I’ve put in years of hard work and effort but why isn’t my team and business growing?” I often thought with frustration.

This was back in the days when our direct sales industry was unfortunately more about recruiting than building a real customer base. It was a lot of smoke and mirrors without proper rules and culture.

During my career I have quit and restarted more times than I can remember before finding the company that I work with today.

It took me eight years and four companies to finally arrive home.. ♥️

Over the years I’m happy to see that our industry is leaning more towards being customer driven. That means more quality products with more value created..

It has also been amazing to witness a huge development in the quality of people who are joining our platform economy these days. Today, our events are filled with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, top athletes, health professionals, online marketing professionals just to name a few.

Of course mainly average people like myself who are hungry and willing to learn what it takes to become successful.
In my opinion our industry is not perfect but it’s a better way for the average person to make sure their ladder is leaning up against their own dreams and not someone else’s.

There are very few models our there that have zero risk combined with unlimited income potential.

In each of the companies I have worked with in the past there was always something missing in regards to either the vision, products, management or culture.

I’m forever grateful today to work with a company that has the right leadership, long term vision, heart and culture in place with a product that 95% of the global population needs. Provenly.

So thrilled to see us transforming from an offline direct sales company towards a global tech company that offers ordinary people a platform economy to build a part time business on and eventually become a business owner. 🔥

Of course we have had hick ups and struggles but we have also set many standards in our industry when it comes to our customer driven model, culture and sustainability.

Do you want to create more time, freedom and fun in your life? 😍

Do you want to make more difference in the world? 🌍

This could be for you. 🌟


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What are you Grateful for this morning?

Here’s a picture of some of my morning journaling about what I’m grateful for in my business 

I also write about what I’m grateful for in my family and myself 

I highly recommend this exercise to everyone. It boosts our confidence when we do it consistently  

It also brings us to a state of Bliss and happiness and in that state magic starts to happen. Then our visualization and manifestation is much more powerful 

But remember to take Action on your vision and dream 

 Life is so much better when we unleash our full potential and have the courage to go for our dreams.

It all starts with gratitude 

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Let me tell you about my business partner Ilkka Santahuhta.

He is a self employed coach and personal trainer that used to work 10-12 hour days. He only made money when he was at work.

He was fed up of his PT work because of the long days and was really struggling to figure out how he could scale his business and get out of the rat race and into the fast track. 

Ilkka joined our platform economy business after understanding how great our products are and how scalable our model is.

When he saw the passive income curves, he understood that one day he could also be a business owner after building a big customer base.

Today, a couple of years after joining our part-time business, Ilkka has more time than ever before. He can now focus more on his family, friends and most importantly he has more space to breathe and develop his number one asset: his mind. 😍

Now Ilkka is enjoying his coaching work more than ever because he doesn’t need to have so many clients as before. He can give more quality to them.

Ilkka is earning more than before with working less hours. 🔥

It’s not always about working hard, it’s about working smart with the right kind of platform that has funnels in place that create leverage. 🧐

We are just getting started with this positive top producer. Watch out for more success stories from him and his rapidly growing team of partners. 🙏🤩

It’s an honour to call you my friend and business partner. 👊

To your success! 🌟😍🔥

 — with Ilkka Santahuhta.


I love the moment when people understand that they can choose how to live their life..

I’m grateful that I got to share my story to around 1000 hungry entrepreneurs in Helsinki yesterday! 🙏

I talked about different seasons in my life.

There have been seasons when I needed to focus more on work and there have been seasons when I wanted to focus more on rest and family.

The great thing of being an entrepreneur in a platform economy is that there is virtually no risk and we have more freedom compared to many traditional businesses.

I shared what living in Spain taught me and why we moved back to Tallinn with my family. The main reason for me is to be closer to the great community we have build, my mentors and mentees.

I love to live in a growth and startup environment and surround myself around ambitious people who are all about contribution.

I also talked about the importance of starting every morning with journaling things that we are grateful about, journaling our dreams/goals for the next 3-5 years and writing down the most important task for today to get us one step closer to them.

And how to schedule all of that into our already busy lives. 🌞

There are so many exciting things happening in our main business due to a transformation into a global tech company. 🤩 🌍

Now is the season to work which for me means inspiring more people to go for their dreams and run together to turn them into reality!

My goal in the next 3 years is to build an economy of over 100.000 happy customers and have +500 people in my business who are fully financially independent. That’s hugely exciting! 🔥❤️🏃‍♂️🌟



I’m Ready to run again! 

In fact, I’m already running with a Booster button integrated in my shoes. 

After chilling two years in Andalucia with la familia it feels so great being All in and back in the game of helping people! 

In the last few weeks I have had more productive meetings than in the last two years in Spain. 

 I feel Stronger and Faster than ever before

 I am ready for more Success than ever before

 I feel like a little kid in Christmas morning 🎁

 I am ready for more Experiences than ever before

 I am ready for more Growth than ever before

 I am ready for more Conribution than ever before

 I am so Happy and Grateful for this Amazing opportunity 

 I am Ready to go full out and inspire tons of people globally to transform and go for their dreams! 🙏

Are you running for Your dreams or someone else’s?

Go for Your dreams!

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How I got over the fear of public speaking..

How I got over the fear of public speaking..

Back in school, whenever we had to make a talk in front of the class, I was petrified. Thinking back it feels a little funny considering that they were all familiar faces and friends. But it sure didn’t feel funny at the time. I can relate to the study which shows that fear of public speaking ranks above the fear of death..

I remember one time at secondary school I went purposely to bed with my hair wet and switched the a/c to freezing cold. I got sick and could stay at home, and was relieved because I skipped the book presentation in english class..

Fast forward around 8 years. I had just started over a month ago in my first business. We were just about to start our weekly seminar in Helsinki. I was just part of the audience. Or so I thought.

Just before the start of the seminar my mentor pulled me to the side and said that we have a situation before solution, one of the speakers called in sick. He continued – “I believe that you are ready to step in as a substitute”..

I could feel my heart almost jumping through my throat. My fingers started to sweat and I couldn’t breathe..

But I had learned that when you get an opportunity that gives you a chance to step up to the next level, you should say yes.

My mentor told me to relax because I had given the same talk in a one to one situation many times. He gave me a tip to concentrate on my breathing and he asked me to picture him in the audience as one big person and just look at him during my talk.

Coming on stage, I remember almost fainting. I don’t remember anything about my talk. But the audience gave me support and the feeling of euphoria after my talk was unexplainable. I got praise and constructive feedback from my mentor. I wanted more.

The next month I was organising my own seminars to my team and since then, I have been talking in front of smaller and bigger audiences constantly.

Even today before I go on stage, I have a bit of fear and I feel a bit nervous, but overtime I have learned to embrace it. And I love the adrenaline rush that kicks in during the talk. That’s a sign that even after fifteen years in the industry, I still love what I do and am constantly learning and growing to become better. ❤️

“All leaders have fear, they just have learned to act despite of it”.

The best thing about giving speeches is that the person giving the talk learns the most. 🌟

So the next time you are offered to give a talk and it feels super scary, just say yes. Everything will work out great and you will grow to become a better version of yourself. 🔥

If someone would have told me over twenty years ago, when I turned the switch in the a/c to freezing cold before going to bed, that in the future I would be giving keynote speeches to thousands of people internationally, I would have asked them to check their medication. 😁

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” ― Richard Branson.

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Ramifications of quitting

Here are a few takeaways from my morning reading from the book PAiLS by Chris Brady about the power of Why and ramifications of quitting.

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any how” Friedrich Nietzsche.

🌟Motivation is your own responsibility.

🌟The main reason why people quit something worthy is the lack of a large enough dream.

🌟Don’t be tempted to trade in the long term great for a short term good.

🌟Quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

🌟In order to accomplish our heart’s desires, we must continually boost our hunger to do so.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” Zig Ziglar.



Why I love what I do..

Because I look better rich. And so do You 🔥🔥

“By helping others get what they want, we can get what we want”

What does becoming rich mean to me:

🌟 More Freedom
🌟 More Experiences with family and friends
🌟 More Time to do the things that I love
🌟 The Person I will grow into during the journey
🌟 Inspiring People all over the world to change their lives and go for their dreams ❤️

Stop living an average life or building an average business..

Have fun, Grow and Contribute 💙🔥🌍🌞



The power of mentoring and what it means to me.

Do you want to reach the next level in any area of your life?

The key for me has been to find the right mentors who have made it in that area, live with heart and are all in. It’s important that they also share the right kind of ethics and culture.

I remember when I first met Ørjan at a seminar seven years ago. I was at my most desperate point when it came to my finances and relationship. At the same time I was hungry to get out of the mess. I had experienced some success in the past with a business similar to the one Ørjan was building but the company lacked the right kind of leadership, culture and vision. I also lacked focus and that was what had got me into the mess in the first place.

I remember Ørjan telling me in a polite but very confident way that I had been playing football (figuratively speaking) in the little leagues and if I wanted, he would teach me how to be a top scorer in the majors. I accepted the offer.

It hasn’t been an easy ride. Victory would never feel good if it was. Imagine fishing without having to wait for the fish to bite and without the fish having the strength to fight. That would at first feel like heaven but soon you would realise being in hell.

Big thanks Ørjan and Hilde for hosting me yesterday at your beautiful new home. My check up from the neck up was truly worth the wait. It’s amazing to see the impact you have had on thousands of lives and in return the impact it has had on your lives.

You guys continue inspiring me to contribute and grow. That’s what brings content and happiness. I’m continuosly surprised about your willingness to serve and how big heart and passion you guys have 💙❤️. You are living proof that service to many leads to greatness.

“I assure you that helping a million people will last longer than a million dollars and bring you more joy.”

I’m so grateful that you showed me the way and kept believing in me when I didnt believe in myself. We have walked the walked together from dream to struggle to even some victories. I’m forever grateful to you for helping me transform to the person I am today. To return the favour I promise that I will grow my teams customer numbers to six figures and beyond. 🔥💙🙏

We have so many amazing launches and news coming up in the next months that brings butterflies to my stomach.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John F. Kennedy

Bring it on! 💙🙏🔥



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My confidence wasn’t good growing up and it took me years to realize it..

Are you ready to go deep?

Let’s dive.

I want to start by saying that I’m forever grateful to my Dad for providing us a secure and “luxury” childhood in Dubai. I love you Dad. 

Having said that, he wasn’t around much growing up. In my first years I only saw him for glimpses every year. Even though family was important to him, he had me and my sister quite young. I really respect that he came from a poor family in Palestine and left his home and country at a very young age with little money in his pocket to pursue a brighter future. To some extent he really made it because we had all the material things one could wish for and I was lucky to go to private schools but we sadly lacked much of his presence growing up.

That took a toll on my confidence. I wanted attention and tried to figure out something that I was good at to make him proud. However, my biggest weakness has always been impatience. I’m still working on that every day. 🙂 If I wasn’t good at something very fast, I wanted to try something new. I also got bored fast. That’s probably why I never really excelled at any subject in school.

At some point in secondary school I started mucking about, getting in trouble by sometimes even being a bully. One day after bullying a kid and getting caught I almost got expelled from school. At least I had got my Dad’s attention for a moment. I still feel shame for that even twenty five years later.

I also lacked confidence around girls and as I was kind and shy around them but also a bit of a trouble maker (sorry Mum), I was fun to be around with but I guess most of them didn’t take me too seriously.

After school I played computer games and got very hooked on counter strike during my high school years. It was a way for me to escape reality and I also saw that I was finally pretty good at something. Unfortunately (and also maybe fortunately) at the time you couldn’t get payed for playing that. 😀

I was also partying quite hard on the weekends to escape reality even further.. In my first year of college, I attended school maybe a total of 20 times to only a handful of courses. Nothing excited me. If there would have been courses called “Success 1 and 2” – I would have signed up for both. 😀
I really had no clue what I wanted to be when “I grew up”..

I’m forever grateful to my good friend Juho for providing me with a sliding doors moment over fifteen years ago. He called me up and offered me to start working with him in a new business he was excited about. Nobody had ever offered me a business before and I even thought for a moment that why would someone want to work with a looser like me.

It was love at first sight and boy has this business turned my life around in all ways possible. Finally, I found something that was about building success through practice. I got introduced to a school of personal and life changing business development that was embedded in the opportunity. Through the business I found mentors and many new friends that helped me to be successful (through a lot of blood, sweat and tears) and walked with me side by side. I even found some new “father figures” who were there to help me grow and give me the attention I had always craved.

I had turned my negative addictions of partying and playing counter strike into one positive one. For the first time in my life I was good at something. I understood that now I had control of my future and that there was no limits. Fifteen years later, I’m still addicted to this game of helping people, contributing and always improving – Kaizen.

The best part in my business is that thanks to the time and money freedom I have managed to create, I can now be a more present father and example to my children that I missed growing up. 💙

Thank you for reading. Have a super successful week! 🙏🔥